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We are Vernacular Games; an indie development group in the video game sector, working to carve out our own niche in the industry. We formed in response to the rigid, sometimes asinine structure and practices employed by larger game development companies, with the intent of providing a mid-level alternative for aspiring developers looking to gain a bit of professional experience.


Tenets of Operation


The Tenet of Passion
To build games we want to play
When choosing what projects we intend to work on or create, our choice will be governed by whether we believe the game will be fun play or if the game will move some element of our industry forward, be that in matters of design, technology, or art.


The Tenet of Opportunity
To open doors to enter our industry
We believe it is not only important but imperative that companies such as ourselves create opportunities for new blood to enter their associated industries. As such, we are willing to grant artists and creators of all levels a chance to work and gain experience in our field.


The Tenet of Integrity
To act responsibly as a company
We believe it is important that we act in manners that are fair and honest to those we serve and those we employ. To this end we will strive to price our created works in accordance to their quality, and compensate those whose efforts created said works in equal or greater measure to their overseers

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Highway to the Moon

Take control of Jacob Helaway as he rides his trusty motorcycle, the Red Hornet, up Route 767, the highway to the moon, on a quest to meet and defeat the infamous Moon Man. Blow up everything that moves, even dialogue bubbles, as Jake faces off against biker gangs, air force fleets, weaponized satellites and more on his way up through Earth's atmosphere. The Moon Man's waiting. Are you ready to fight your way to the Moon? 





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